Tuesday, 31 August 2010


{Changes}: looking out the window today and what I get it’s a different picture, a gentle light that  lies on each  building  creating  a shade,  the rain has stopped and the sky is a mixture of clear spells and clouds. Indoor  I am busy organising  piles of magazines and boxes filled with beads, trimmings and sequins. The unsettled weather has helped conciliating my domestic mood,  which in recent times has been very seldom. The sorting has provided a relief for my overworking brain although it has been keeping me busy for all of the long week-end.  I hate how I keep everything every little piece of paper and over the years I have been accumulating an enormous amount of paper work, considering that the space I have is very limited. I like to surround myself with lots of things, some because they give me joy, others because I cannot let them go , testimonial of the time  that goes by…..  

imageimage image

Photography: Olga Bennett