Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Treasures and hills of Italy

{Close to home – which one?}: Time has gone fast and without knowing it’s time to return to the city where no birds on the window  will keep me company on those very hot afternoon neither the crickets will chirp to know that the temperature is high, even at night. As for the rest my head and my heart will  still be there amongst the hills and the fields, the clear sky and the many treasures of Italy.


Asolo  is a beautiful Medieval historic town set in the hillsides of the Veneto, approximately one hour from Venice. A fortress called Rocca looms over the town and it is the first thing visitors notice when approaching the town. Visitors can tour the inside of the fortress on weekends and holidays. Opening hours are posted near the bottom of the hill.


The best thing to do is just wander around in the old centre. The old streets are gorgeous. Gothic arcades, facades decorated with frescos and beautiful balconies. One of my favourite spot when at home, I enjoy having a cappuccino sitting outside the Caffe' Centrale and just wonder around on the piazza of this gem, one the most beautiful Borghi d'Italia. Every second Sunday of the month the main square hosts an upscale antique market with some rare historic objects


Piazza Garibaldi. The centrally located Piazza Garibaldi offers a unique scenario: at the centre is a fountain powered by an antique Roman aqueduct, while all around, it is crowned by elegant buildings with the Queen Cornaro's castle (open to the public) dominating the scene from above.


Queen Cornaro’s Castle. From 1489 to 1509 it was the Palace of Caterina Cornaro to 1509; it is an old massive construction which has been often altered; its typical tower with the clock is original.

The Cathedral is worth a visit. Built in 1747, it houses a masterpiece by Lorenzo Lotto (1506). Next to the cathedral you will find the "Loggia della Ragione" once the centre of the city's political life, nowadays home to an interesting City Museum.The Loggia is a beautiful construction of the 15th century, which facade is covered with frescos of Contarini (1560): it is the Museum. The Eleonora Duse room contains the memories, the relics and the correspondence of the great actress. A spinet and other relics remember Roberto Browning. Manuscripts and portraits of the Queen Cornaro are treasured too.

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Photography: Me for Mandarine d’Italie


Chiara said...

carissima, grazie per queste belle foto e per l'atmosfera tutta veneta che io amo particolarmente....Un abbraccio

Anonymous said...

Really nice post and lovely pics Mandarine!!! Nice day as well spend Asolando in Asolo!! See you Soon! W. the Antiques Lovers

Charlotta Ward said...

How gorgeous! I have a deep love for Italy and miss not being able to travel there! (Australia is a tad too far away..)

Veneto looks heavenly and I so enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing and have a safe trip back to London. Not quiet the same, I know... I used to live in London (8 years) and traveled to Italy frequently then.. I know which one I preferred! :)

xx Charlotta

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Amazing photo reportage! This place is wonderful and offer stunning landscape!

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