Monday, 26 July 2010

My escape to ... Richmond

{Sunday}: One of my favourite spot, Richmond. Yesterday it was beautiful, the light was just perfect, bright, you could see that the sun has been shining earlier on the day, later just few clouds were  providing the right setting for a relaxing Sunday afternoon….

030 021019017025058027035032044041056052054051 Photography: Me for Mandarine d’Italie


Anonymous said...

Well done Mandarine!! fresh air here too!! Aud... is leaving thursday! Calm is coming in Via Orfanatrofio! have a nice week. W. the antiques lovers

Anonymous said...


Lovely, lovely! You are a lucky girl with two, contrasting worlds - England and Italy. Adds to your creativity, no doubt. Keep up your photography talent, cara. You are gooood! Enjoy your week, Ingrid in Umbria

nadia said...

so beautiful- i would like to escape there as well!

Chiara said...

che posto delizioso,buona vacanza, a presto!