Saturday, 29 May 2010

From Sicily with passion, rediscovering old traditions

{Homemade}: Back in the days, self sufficiency was a way of  life, sometimes a need dictated by  a lack of  spending power. Soap, back then, was homemade utilising ash, oils and natural essence. The memory of those old days, when her grandmother use to make hand made soap, have inspired Sabrina Delfino to transform an old family tradition into her own business venture, Sa’ di Sapone.


Working from her workshop/home in Sicily, Sabrina produces hand made natural  soaps, surrounded by her family and the beautiful surroundings.  The Sa’ di Sapone’s natural dermatological soaps are hand made from Sicily following the ancient method of Mediterranean soap making traditionally inherited from Syria and Catalonia through to Sicily and Provence.


{Simple recipe}: the basic mixture is made by fresh and scented extra virgin olive oil straight from the oil mill. It is enriched with the best selected Sicilian basic elements: essential oils, officinal powders, natural earths, flowers, pulps, flours and fruits from our island.


From Sabrina’s memories an old Sicilian riddle :

I am made of olive oil
and pumice stone.
I have come here to lustre.
If a young woman handles me
I melt like snow.
Who am I?
(The soap).



sinnlighet said...

Wow ... you have such a great taste in your choice of photos for your blog, I'm just love everthing!!!

And, thanks for visiting Wabi & Sabi! (you are too kind with your comments)!!


Anonymous said...


Your post opens my senses. Aah! What lovely pics and the colours....! Your radar seems to be wide open. At all times. So refreshing. Genuine. You seem to spot the extraordinary. Buon fine settimana, cara e bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

Chiara said...

bellissime foto cara, piene di atmosfera...ti auguro una bellissima settimana!