Thursday, 22 April 2010

Villa Agostini needs your help

{Veneto}: help  saving this beautiful Villa located in the Veneto region, just on the outskirt of Treviso. This is my homeland and I am very upset to find out that some politicians are ready to demolish an historical building that dates back from the pre-Palladian era( end of the Fourteenth, beginning of the Fifteenth Century ) to allow the construction of a highway ( Superstrada Pedemontana Veneta), which will ease traffic of the surrounding areas.


Villas of this style are quite common around the Veneto region and although sometimes we take it for granted, they are part of our National Heritage nonetheless part  of the ‘ Belle Arti ‘ Institute of Venice.


However, it never occurred to me that if a building is already existing  it meant that it needed demolishment - in case  the layout of the planned highway happened to be in the same spot of a line drawn by engineers that should know better.


This is why the people of Cusignana have come together to propose an alternative layout project that will exclude the Villa from being ‘on the way’ of the current project, which apparently has already been approved.


For this they have launched an  appeal  to sign up for an online petition.


All you need to do is to click on and scroll down to just where you see the space for you to leave your name and surname (Nome e Cognome) your email address  (that won’t be published) your Address (Indirizzo – won’t be published) and a comment if you would like to leave one.


Afterwards you will receive an email with a  link that you need to click on as a confirmation that you have adhere to the petition. 


Villa Agostini and the Agostini family will appreciate Your support,  I am sure.


Photography Copyright:Pamela Berry


Anonymous said...

Going to give my support for sure!! i can belive that can happend!!!
W. the antiques lovers

Anonymous said...

How tragic. surprising the Belle Arti cannot oppose. They seem to have such a strong position. No matter how many Veneto villas there are... each and every one deserves to be preserved and treasured. Thanks for bringing up the "case". Utterly important - and such a beautiful villa! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

gigino said...

per me la possono buttare giù!

Hans Reitsma, Amsterdam said...

I am shocked to hear that this beautiful villa is to be demolished for a new road. Please don't let this happen!