Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Few things for 2010!

{On life}: The New Year has started with some very good news and lots of satisfaction on the blogging front!!! I am very grateful to you all my readers and friends, next month will sign the anniversary of my first year blogging - and looking back now I can say that it’s definitively one of the greatest  things of 2009. Reading you  is one of the things I look forward to do on a daily basis -  you have been a great source of inspiration - always. Many thanks to Ingrid from Via Lenta nel Bel Paese for the nice tip and a special thank you to Jo from Desire to Inspire for featuring Mandarine d’Italie on your Holiday reading guide 2009.

So besides blogging there  are few more propositions (don’t like resolution – can never keep up with it!) I have got in mind for 2010.


One of them : Reading  - being moved by a very good book, immersing myself in printed paper, allowing my mind to venture, imagine and wonder – yes, it has been a while, hope to be able to do this a bit more!


Photography: a new discovery, something I enjoy doing, catching those moments, but needs to do more of it!!


Travel one of my favourite, travelling, wish I could to do this all the time – but yes it will be nice to be able to visit a couple of places in 2010!


Green: caring about the environment,  living in touch with nature, a greener life …..yes! 


Growing my own vegetable: yes why not?! After all it will save me a lot of money on my weekly grocery shopping!  


Photography:Keiko Oikawa copyright


Anonymous said...


Expectant waiting - for your 2010 blogs to come! Especially since we seem to share the same philosophy. Charming, simply lovely illustrations, cara! You always spot new sources. Brava ragazza! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

Anonymous said...

Never loose your inspirations and your love for the things you are doing mandarine, because is a tresure for you and for us! W.the antique Lovers still in Brighton fro tonight!Love...

onesilentwinter said...

happy new year dear! gorgeous post and propositions!