Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Fashion faithful to its roots

Guðrun & Guðrun is owned by two Faroese women and the creative process of design is very closely linked to the isolation of the place. “It’s good to come to Europe for input and inspiration, but it’s crucial to come back home to the silence and not be disturbed by the hectic life of fashion” the designer concludes.

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faroe isl4 Copyright Photography: Felix van der Gein

The Faroe Islands are 18 tiny islands situated in the North Atlantic, between Iceland and Norway. Only 45.000 people live on the islands. Still it’s a nation of it’s own with own culture and own language. So tiny and still the frames of the myriad of life.

faroe isl2 Copyright photography: Felix van der Gein

Wool: When the Vikings came to the Faroe Islands, a Thousand Years ago, sheep were set free in the though, rocky and windy Faroese landscape. The sheep have been out there ever since, living in unique conditions - these sheep in the rough North Atlantic nature live outside in freedom throughout the year.

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Guðrun & Guðrun PHILOSOPHY

HANDMADE: The major part of the collection is handmade by Faroese and Jordanian women

faroe isl3Copyright Photography: Felix van der Gein  

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SUSTAINABLE: The Faroese yarn and lambskins used in the G&G production are waste products. The sheeps are kept for the mutton, so no animals are used for our production only. In our new accessories line we use fish leather. This is also a waste product. The fish is caught for eating - and we make use of the skins

faroe isl1.Copyright Photography: Felix van der Gein  

ORGANIC: The classic sweaters line  is made from 100% untreated and undyed Faroese wool. The Faroese sheep are living in the mountains all year round - living on unfertilized grass. image

RESPONSIBLE: The handmade production is jointly produced by Faroese and Jordanian women. We know every one of the knitters by name and our ambition is to always be proud and happy when looking them into their eyes.


onesilentwinter said...

absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...


What a lovely post. So right. In tune. Like their philosophy and design... and the setting! You are such a good scout! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

Princesseneige said...

So beautiful collection! I'm in love with...


Oh, I love this post! Ever since I first heard of the Faroe Islands, I've been dying to visit it. It seems like such a magical place. This collection is beautiful and I love that it's an international collaboration. :)