Monday, 9 November 2009

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Bright Star a new movie by Jane Campion, since the day that the lavender field poster has captured my attention on a rainy morning. From the overcrowded train on a rushed morning, all I could think about was: – “I really want to go and see this movie”!Based on the  life of English poet John Keats and his love story with Fanny Brawne, this movie has inspired my latest colour and clothes choice… but  I haven’t seen it yet, in fact I was meant to go and see it  last night, but instead I went for an unexpected –unplanned tagliatelle ai porcini, caprese salad followed by an  affogato al caffe’ and ended up leaving too late and feeling too full….For sure there won’t be any more tagliatelle that would hold me back, I will  make sure I will   get myself to the  first cinema and enjoy every minute of it! 

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- Photography choice  inspired by  Bright Star  -

a movie by Jane Campion

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Credits: Photography by


Sanctuary said...

Wonderful photos! You have a real knack for finding and sharing gems, thank you!

maría cecilia said...

oh, oh, good morning... I have to see this movie... wonderful photography and made by a woman must be worthy!!
Hope you are doing very well.
Would love to have a visit from you.
Lots of love
María Cecilia

onesilentwinter said...

beautiful post! yes i have wanted to see it for a long while now- almost scared to see it! i think tomorrow is the day!