Monday, 17 August 2009

Sunday (afternoon)

{Synergy}: everything, from the pine cones and the wood collected on Ferragosto at the baita, to the  purchases made at the antique market this morning seem to have found home ….


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Anonymous said...

Simply and tastefully of old times!! Well done Crespanese!
W. the Antique Lovers

Stella Pesci said...

Beauty in simplicity and natural materials, lovingly arranged...everything is warm and inviting and yes, "well done"! What fun you are having, searching for treasures! Thanks for the photos!

carlapas said...

Hi darling,
come stai? Dove sei?
Bellissimi acquisti ben rappresentati dalle foto!
A presto

Have a nice week!

eco-stylista said...

I love flea market finds! These are natural beauties!