Monday, 6 July 2009

A Testament To History

{Work in Progress}: Villa Saletta is an estate set within the golden triangle of Florence, Pisa and Siena. Dating back to 1800s, the The Estate has witnessed the changing politics of this famous region over hundreds of years. It has maintained the local tradition of respect for the land, providing work and shelter to countless generations. But the Estate and its extensive historic buildings, whilst remaining in their basic original form, have fallen into disrepair.


“I was very pleased when the Trustees of the Hands Family Trusts told me of their intent to resurrect the Estate, breathing life into it and restoring it to its former glory as an exceptional authentic Tuscan property” says Guy Hands, Founder of the Hands Family Trusts.


The planned development will honour and respect the past whilst blending it with the best of the present. For the people of the region it will mean a new and exciting future in which they will play a key role.


And for those fortunate enough to visit or reside in this bewitching place, it will provide a beautiful haven and an opportunity to experience a different, more serene way to live.


The estate covers approximately 1,760 acres. The vision is to restore it, sympathetically, transforming its farmhouses into bespoke, luxury homes offering the best in design and modern services. These elements will combine to make this extraordinary Estate, once more, a truly exceptional environment in which to live, work and relax.


Photos: Joakim Blockstrom 

"We are working to preserve this unique piece of history for future generations and to restore the estate once again to its former glory". From Villa Saletta website.

Absolutely! What a lovely way to start the week, working knowing that there is a common interest for everybody on the achievement and development of a project.Even more working towards an objective, that’s what I need to visualise right now, otherwise I’ll be all over the places …. as always! I wish I could be a bit more organised sometimes, my to do list is spinning around my head at a supersonic speed and that doesn’t help if you need to be focused on something. I should know better by know- but can I say – recent developments has taught me that changes and challenges/opportunities  are always around the corner, in fact my plans had to be revolutionised and changed overnight, now it’s countdown before take off! Italy I’ m coming!!!!


Anonymous said...

Last one was really a good news that many was looking forward to hear!!! Treasure hunting soon Mandarine that's good!!!
Ciao! W. the Antique Lovers


What an amazing project in such a stunning location. I'd love to see this when it's finished although these current photos are quite beautiful as well. You're making all of us want to run off to Italy too! :)

Gaia said...

torni in Italia e lasci Londra? o è solo emporaneo?
Come stai? passato bene il weekend?

Che bel posto, la Toscana come l'Umbria, ma non solo, riservano delle sorprese che ti lasciano senza fiato.

A presto! buona notte!

liza said...

This is so heartening. I hope it turns out beautifully. I'd love to see it sometime!

dana said...

Ciao mandarine navigando ho trovato il tuo blog ..fantastico..
l'ho postato oggi sul mio..
spero ti faccia piacere
grazie dana

jen laceda said...

To me, the house is already perfect as it is! Just as long as there is a clean, working bathroom and kitchen, then I'm good to go!

When are you going to Italy? :)