Friday, 19 June 2009

A to-do list for the week-end!

{Ahead}: Friday - few things for me over the week- end :

....some house sorting .... ehm ..long overdue now!

... call my mum in Italy ... yeah long phone calls .... throat gets dry after a while ..

... some cleaning ...

... buy some flowers ... and fish(?!!)..

.... invite some people over for dinner... in my tiny studio flat

.... have something sweet and exotic... !!

... some cheers to all of you, for your nice and always most appreciated comments and awards and I promise I will complete some of the awards some time soon! Thank you - it' s always a pleasure to share some thoughts and ideas here with you. Have a nice week !!!

... finally, get some sleep ... and sweet dreams !!

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Anonymous said...

So nice and funny those pics!! Wish you a nice week end!! Nothing plane for me... just a capuccino with the Floyds tomorrow, tha grass to cut (if i doesent rain as broadcast said) and a treasure hunt in San Zenone with your Aunt!!
Buon week enda Crespanese!!
W. the Antique Lovers

Mandarine D'Italie said...

Walter- Thank u for your lovely comment, I am suprised the weather is not so good in Italy as well.... hhmm no ghe se' pi' stagion ah?! Well hope you manage to cut the grass and yes enjoy the cappuccino with the Floyds at the AZZURRA >> I envy you so much .. here no chances of finding Mery's cappuccinos at all --
Say hello to everybody for me, I will see them soon!
Ciao, regards

sweet paul said...

Love this, great images.
Well, it sounds like you have a full weekend.
Good luck and have a fab weekend

Bonbon Oiseau said...

hahahaha! you are too funny! love the images you've chosen...happy weekend!

Gaia said...

Did you follow your to do list for the weekend? I've been to Versilia , the weather was so and so but I went to the beach, movie with my lovely boyfriend, ride my bike, stay with my family...
Il mare ha sempre un effetto benefico su di me...
buon inizio settimana!

Freshly Found said...

An inspiring To-Do list! Hope your weekend was successful.

Clarity said...

Gorgeous, elegant, that bed looks like mine - in spirit :)