Tuesday, 16 June 2009


{Projects}: My friend Walter likes to call himself the Antique Lover and quite rightly so, since his hobbies go beyond just going treasure hunting for antiques at the local mercatini, he even refurbish and decorate the finds to his liking. Since buying his house he has been busy with a lot of work of REdocorating, REpurposing and REcycling, and I love that. It would have been much easier for him to go and buy a new house but instead he opted for an old house [so much in need of attention] so that he could add his own personal touches to, respecting the history of the house and its original features.

Bench: painted with two layers of contrasting colours to create a shabby chic effect.

The old outdoor toilette it's now used as a garden shed - the door has been changed and painted with a bright light blue colour.
Walter's treasure hunting is not over yet, as he confess me that he would like to add a vintage enamel house number sign on the 'old toilette' door . We wish him good luck and Buon Lavoro!!
Photos courtesy of W. Marin


Clarity said...

What charming friends you have. I think doing up an old house, with the history still soaking it is very admirable.

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to start my morning opeining up your blog and finding you lovely notes... no one of my littel work could be like it is without inspirations! And this blog is an ispiration for everybody!! Thanks a lot dear Mandarine!!! Love your notes!
W. the Antique Lovers