Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Visite Privee { Inside the house of Maria Calderara}

{Visite Privee}: Harmony - The restructured house from the fifteenth century in the Lake Garda region is home to Maria Calderara, an Italian jewellery/fashion designer. Noticeable the harmony on each room, the calm and serenity of white and light grey is a constant throughout the house. Essential and vintage furniture,touches of sober colours, contemporary art on the walls but nothing else : just natural light.

Credits: Gianni Basso
Many years ago I bought a pair of earrings made of cobalt blue Venetian glass beads, which carried the signature of Maria Calderara.
There were so special to me.... lots of minuscule beads twisted together resembling a flowers shape. Unfortunately I don't own them anymore as a while ago I gave it to [ I thought] a very special friend - which I am not longer in contact with. Whatever she did with it I really hope she treasure them as they are beautiful and precious...
Maria Calderara's jewellery are to be considered as "one secret expressed through another one". mysterious and magical, they bond the Orient's "spell", the loyalty to the tradition of craftsmanship and the light together.
Maria Calderara works mainly with Venetian glass beads, but her artwork has developed through the years introducing new materials and by launching her fashion collection.

Images from Maria Calderara website


onesilentwinter said...

gorgeous! the books and the ceiling incredible!

psillustrations said...

She is just awesome...I love her home so organic,clean,calm yet loud, busy and creative....To me Maria Calderara quietness is louder then any loudness I have ever heard....beautiful just beautiful

Anonymous said...


Suze said...

Amazing, I've been planning to write a post about Maria Calderara since months now...
She's definitely one of my favorite jewelry designers ever.
And - curous - I own an incredibly beautiful MC bracelet, made of a "web" of silver wire and little transparent glass beads: it was given to me by a very special friend I'm not in contact with anymore (for nobody's fault actually)... Life is strange sometimes, isn't it? :)
Ciao and thanks for this post!