Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Reusing bottles, jars and containers [Recycling]

{RE usable}: Lately I have developed a passion for containers, bottles and jars. I have started with reusing an [empty!] port bottle that I've liked in colour and shape and simply used it as a decor piece in my kitchen. I have also kept a big jar and used it as a container for my kitchen utensils. I always made a point of keeping bottles and other containers that I like with the hope of reusing them... the trouble is that my kitchen top shelve is becoming a bit cluttered.... hhhm.. time to dispose them? No, I think I might have just the right ideas:

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Anonymous said...

Lovely and nice ideas for recycling with style!! Recycling is an important things in our days!! You are great in this kind of ideas!
Ciao! W. the Antiques Lovers

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

Some great ideas here. I particularly like the ones with wire for tree hanging.