Monday, 11 May 2009

Magic Island [London walks]

{Sunday walks}: On Sunday afternoon I headed off to Richmond for a walk, this time fully intentioned to get to destination. Last Sunday I adventured 'into the wild' following the indication without checking the time, resulting on a U-TURN halfway down.
Heading South on the Thames-side path, I reached Teddington Lock and on the way I spotted a lots of wonders...Once in Teddington I decided to walk back to Richmond along the other side of the River. The scenery was great and I could observe - on reflection both side of the River except for an unexpected interruption: an island.

An organic Sunday

Waiting for the bus..

Quicker on the boat...?!

Ahead ..

On my right, the River Thames

Wait .. can I join in for that on-the-deck lunch?

Great views...from the top floor..

waking up in the morning...
My cottage, well..... in my dreams!!

All white

even outside

Little Venice?!! No a private island - Eel Pie island

Home is the best place I can be ..
My magazines, my books...the view

Parking space..

Looks familiar..
The Royal Star and Garter Home

established in 1916

It's getting cold..

Heading home.

Interior photography -Denise Bonenti
Scenery [an attempt]: me for Mandarine d' Italie


Anonymous said...

I love discover new place in London with you...
W. the Antiques lovers

corine said...

How beautiful. Amazingly some parts look exactly like the venice canals close to Santa Monica in southern california.

onesilentwinter said...

how lovely, what a gorgeous day!