Thursday, 16 April 2009

ArABeScHi di LaTTe [eating event+Mia Market]

{Food concept}: I am so excited to introduce you to the creative world of 'ArABeScHI dI LaTTe'. The talented group behind ArABeScHI dI LaTTe is constituted by five architects: Francesca Sarti, Alessandra Foschi, Silvia Allori, Francesca Pazzagli, Francesca Sorgato. Based in Florence, Italy the creative group was founded in 2001 and is well known for their 'eating event'.
The group also offers other services including food concepts, food design, creative research and consultancy, setting and styling, interior decoration, architecture, packaging solutions, visual communication, art projects.

Photos from 'ArABeScHI dI LaTTe' blog.

The new food/store project MIA Market is one of ArABeScHI dI LaTTe for MIA recent projects. The Rome based design store, offers local organic vegetables and seasonal local produced products both sale and for on-the-spot tasting. Recycled objects and furniture are also on sale, all displayed with a particular attention to details.
Mia Market
via panisperna 225 roma

Photos: Rinaldo Rocco from here


onesilentwinter said...

this is wonderful, i want to know more!!!

Freshly Found said...

Really interesting to find out about this. I have enjoyed the work of Proef for a while. Nice to see some other really creative food!

Couldn't be... said...

Bellisima!!!! Yummy yummy food :)