Monday, 30 March 2009

Crafty edge at Fortnum& Mason

{Crafty edge}: I spotted this window arrangement yesterday evening in central London at Fortnum& Mason and I just couldn't resist sharing it with you...!! Giants buttons, oversize spools of thread with needle, huge balls of yarn gloriously staged to display the finest china, the famous Fortnum's blends of tea with the finest sweet biscuit selection. Founded in 1707, Fortnum& Mason is a beautiful and unique shop, renowned for being quintessentially English and still the Royal Family' s favourite food hall.
I enjoy occasional visits to this historic department because of their selection of French soaps, vintage style accessories or simply to enjoy the decor and the ambiance of bygone times.
Despite stocking a solid range of accessories, perfumes, furniture and homeware, the shop is, understandably, famed for its fantastic, upmarket food hall piled high with gastronomic delights and adorned with chandeliers and marble pillars.

From a selection at Fortnum& Mason


Anonymous said...

Nice and attractive window shops!! a bit of colours on a grey monday it's a nice way to start!! Thanks!
W. the Antiques Lovers

Tracy Lorna Nors said...

Fantastic! thanks for showing it to us.
They remind me of fairy tales and children's stories and Alice in wonderland and ....... :-D