Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Julie Arkell [.....and her magical world]

{Inspirations}:I only recently discovered the work of Julie Arkell and I am simply blown away by her magical and unique creations. Everything she produced is hand made, using knitted adornments, curious accessories, ribbons and found objects.
As Julie says:"I have always loved to make things using accessible materials like paper, glue, cardboard, fabric and wool, which relate to my papermache pieces. I am able to make pieces that express my feelings, thoughts and ideas, bringing past and present together"

Unfortunately I already missed one of her workshop in London last year, but today I have discovered she is holding a workshop in the Southern of France between 2-7 July 2009:
Over five days, Julie will guide participants, individually and as a group, through the creative process of developing ideas, intuitively combining stitching and knitting with miscellaneous collected objects - to produce original and delightful compositions. A couple of mornings of the 5 days workshop will be spent scouring the local brocantes and markets looking for inspiration and finds to discover, with Julie’s help, the joys and usability of collected ephemera.
I am so tempted ... image the lovely surrounding of rural France ad 5 days of total immersion in creativity.......What a treat!!!
Julie Arkell
Stitching, knitting and collecting
2-7 July T +(33) 553 91 38 40

Pictures taken from Selvedge magazine


Anonymous said...

Why waiting Darleen! Book your 5 days in France end enjoy it if you can! Your talent will have the chanche to discover new things and also meeting here will be a font of ispirations!! Do not hesitate if you can!! Love
W. the Antiques Lovers

Fleur de Boheme said...

Julies work is amazing! She really creates a world of her own, and what an adorable one! I am the lucky owner of one of her creatures and even had the pleasure to meet her when she was exhibiting at my friend Tracys gallery - she is the most lovely person ever.
So - if you have the time and the money - book the course! And enjoy!!
Bye Kirsten

sam said...

If there is still a spot left on the course - grab it! You will not regret it! I attended Julie's course in France last September, and it was just fantastic. And the location of the course - perfect. I am lucky enough to be going to the July course with a dear friend, we can't wait!


I LOVE her work too, it is very magical and full of details, I hope I get to see her work in person in London!!
Just found your blog so I am off to explore it!

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